LUXE Architects is a full-service design & build company devoted to creating environments that enhance our clients’ lives, dreams and goals.  Blending the finest of contemporary design with the ancient Feng Shui principles of harmony and balance, we create homes and businesses that feel and function as good as they look.  Specializing in residential home and commercial design, LUXE has built its reputation on smart design that is as incredibly powerful and beautiful as it is efficient in enhancing the lives of the people, families, and businesses the architecture is meant serve.

YOU are at the heart of the process.  That is our approach to the design is to listen, we seek to understand you, your family, or your business’ goals.  We help you find solutions, craft visions, & design spaces that will not just look & feel great, but will work for you on a deep, intuitive level long after our job is finished.




LUXE Architects understands feng shui design as the synthesis of two compatible fields of study sharing a common goal – to improve quality of life through changes in the built environment.  While architectural design focuses on physical improvements that are visible, feng shui works on a more metaphysical level with changes that are tangible, but often unseen.

In all phases of the design process, from programming to space planning, fixtures and finishes through product and color specification, it is possible to integrate interior design concepts with feng shui considerations.  Beyond the realm of form and function, feng shui enables us to maximize the quality of

life we are able to offer clients by providing by maximizing the energy in the property through deliberate design decisions.  When this system is applied to our projects, we immediately take design to a higher level.

By implementing feng shui into your project at its inception, all phases of the design process, from programming to space planning, fixtures and finishes through product and color specification, incorporate the fusion of architecture and feng shui.

Feng shui is based on an obvious fact: the people living and working in balanced and harmonious places are happier, healthier and have a higher success rate than others.  More and more business leaders are realizing the benefits they can derive the best layout of their premises by following the principles of Feng Shui: reducing stress and absenteeism, improved productivity, increased creativity …

It is important to remember that the aim of feng shui is to maximize the potential for success, happiness and well-being. Our goal as architects is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of those who inhabit the spaces we design. Feng shui, when applied correctly, reinforces this objective.

When we harness favorable energies through changes in orientation, location or placement, our health, vitality and prosperity will flourish.  GOOD FENG SHUI IS GOOD DESIGN.




A first presentation of the project, often including site and floor plans, sections, elevations and other illustrations, plus overall dimension and a cost estimate



Takes schematic design a step further to include door and window details, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and material specifications



This set of drawings includes all pertinent information required for the contractor to price and build the project



Providing full guidance to ensure the project is built accurately and successfully.

Knowing from experience that when the process is enjoyable, the result is a more powerful and harmonious space.  We offer an experience of construction and renovation through our team that is positive and energizing.  Many people dread construction as a difficult but necessary part of having the space of their dreams.  At Luxe believe that good Feng Shui energy should flow into every aspect of a design, this includes the ever-important construction phase.

With strong Project Management, good sub-contractors, and clear communication, we strive to make the experiences as pleasant as the final destination.  Along our journey we have developed a network of professional contractors who understand our high standards.



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