For thousands of years, Chinese Feng Shui masters have studied natural and man-made environments to determine their impact on people.  Knowing that the elements of nature and the stresses of society affect the quality of our lives in different ways, they learned how to create harmonious environments which, by their very design, attracted health, wealth and supportive relationships.

Feng Shui masters learned how to optimally balance environments through their deep understanding of the principles of nature.  When nature is in balance, life flourishes.  Therefore, Classical Feng Shui uses the five elements of nature – water, fire, earth, plants and metal – in varying forms and combinations to create a balanced, healthy environment.  This is the essence of Feng Shui.

When we are in harmony with our environment, there is a natural sense of ease.  Things seem to happen effortlessly.  On the other hand, when we are out of balance, we often cannot quite get ahead, despite our best efforts.

By applying Feng Shui, the subtle energies of our work and living spaces support and promote our aspirations whether for greater abundance, health, romance and companionship or simply to re-ignite a renewed zest for life.

When you are moving or renovating your home, starting or growing a business, experiencing health or sleep issues, wanting to get married, start a family, or simply feel you could use some extra support in reaching your goals.

Sometimes we are contacted about a home that has just been renovated, or a new construction whose plans are final.  This is not the ideal moment to initiate Feng Shui, since our recommendations may then be more difficult to apply.

The best time to start considering Feng Shui in the design is during the “idea” phase.  We can then give you our recommendations on room layout, color, lighting, materials and furnishings.  And since these can be fully implemented into the design, you can be sure you are creating the most comfortable space while receiving from it the greatest benefits.  The sooner we begin, the easier it is to fully integrate our recommendations.

Starting with the exact placement and orientation of the building all the way through to its physical shape, materials, and layout, we create a space that is both practical and beautiful, while optimizing its energy.


We also work closely with you to determine your taste, needs and budget.

Then we create a Design Concept that seamlessly blends all we have learned into a design for a space that feels as good as it looks.

This Design Concept is then presented to you personally at a meeting where its vision is fully laid out.  This includes floor plans, furnishing layouts, detailed elevation drawings, as well as all selected furniture, lighting, flooring, window treatments, and natural elements.

In addition, this presentation includes a detailed budget showing all of the recommended items’ pricing, so that you have a full picture of both design and cost.

Once you have given us your final approval, construction can begin.

We also secure for you all Department of Buildings permits, board approvals and required stamped drawings.

Our hands-on project management service ensures that your job proceeds smoothly throughout the entire construction process, without any of the usual “dramas” so common to the course of renovations.  The result is a process that is peaceful, enjoyable and relatively stress-free.

The final result of all this is a building in harmony with its inhabitants and surroundings.  A place of beauty and power, custom-designed to your specific needs, as well as your goals, life-style and aspirations.

We consider a home built in this way to be a true “power-house,” for that is what it is.

Yes.  Our goal is to make construction as smooth and enjoyable as possible.  So if you have a contractor with whom you have had a good experience, then we are, of course, happy to work with them.

If you do not have a contractor in mind, we can introduce you to companies we have worked with or vetted and whose quality of workmanship and professionalism we know.

Fewer surprises, to begin with.  In some cases, lower costs.

In general, our recommended vendors are ones we have worked with, know, trust and communicate with well.  This tends to make things go smoother and faster.

We pride ourselves on solving problems, often in fresh, creative ways.  We lead with the belief that for every problem, there is a solution, and we enjoy addressing challenging spaces in a way that unveils their true power and beauty.

We can!  For projects with a tight timeline, we have ways of speeding up the process without loss of quality.  Of course, the sooner you involve us in your project, the better.  So please do not hesitate to contact us now.

“Yes!  Absolutely.”  We have seen again and again, when advanced Feng Shui calculations are done and the correct remedies applied, the energy within a space shifts.  This shift can result in other changes, like meeting the love of your life or landing a new job; or it can spur you to think about what you really want.  We have seen people decide to have a baby, move to a new city, change careers, all with positive outcomes.

According to feng shui principals there are “3 Lucks:” Heaven Luck, Human Luck and Earth Luck.

1-Heaven Luck is what some call God or a Higher Power, or whatever you may believe in

2-Human Luck is our own self-effort

3-Earth Luck is the influence and impact of our surroundings (Feng Shui)

When all 3 Lucks are aligned, our life works well.  Things flow and come to us without great effort as we move steadily towards our goals.  So while Feng Shui is just one of the 3 Lucks, it is, nonetheless, a full third of the pie!

It has been said, “You don’t have to be rich to work with a designer.  In fact, working with the right professional can actually save you money, stress and time, and can prevent more than a few DIY disasters.”

We agree.  Nothing is more expensive than spending money to fix something that has not turned out the way you like, or worse, to correct a problem caused by shoddy workmanship or bad planning.

Our rates are in line with industry standards, and just as important, we offer a level of experience, professionalism and project management that lets you breathe easy, every step of the way.

We understand that money should be spent wisely, and we do everything we can to meet your needs while honoring your budget.

When you work with our team, be assured we are fully committed not only to your project’s success, but to your peace of mind throughout.