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Architecture is a reflection of the unique conditions of each project.

The landscape and climate shape the design, of course, but there’s more. The special needs and personality of the client also influence what we build. Our process is designed to engage you and pull creative solutions out of you. Some clients have said it feels like “therapy,” others call it a “creativity exercise.” In reality, it is our way of finding the perfect solution to a home, office, or project that exceeds your expectations.

The result produces unique and original forms that reflect the personality and needs of the client that also happen to be environmentally friendly. Through this process we feel our clients are “designing their autobiography.” There should be as many types of styles of Architecture as there are individuals.

Designing a building is a process that moves from the general to the specific, evolving more detail as the design unfolds. Our design process requires a commitment of time from you in order to succeed. Our experience is that some clients know exactly what they want and we can very quickly zero in on a design. On the other hand some clients are not quite sure what they want their project to be and they subsequently use the design process as a tool to explore many alternatives.

In our initial meetings, we will go through the requirements of the project completely, from functions to budget concerns. Through our extensive interview process, Paul leads you through a series of exercises to uncover the problems we need to address. You are an integral piece of this process as you are the the true designers of your building.

Our approach is to engage the client in a process to develop a design specifically and ideally suited to your needs and preferences. The purpose of this phase is to establish the general direction and scope of the design for the project.

We prefer to expose you to initial ideas and schemes with quick sketches and multiple options. This allows you to feel free to accept or reject a particular direction before we produce more “expensive” drawings. We will meet with you regularly during this phase to review the initial schematics and subsequent schematic drawings. In our experience we have found we arrive at the solution within 2 or 3 schemes.

Using the approved Schematic Design as a basis, we will proceed to develop the design for your project in great detail. We will select all materials and finishes and develop detailed designs for the entire project down to the doorbell and color of the door hinges.

At this stage, we help you interview and select a General Contractor and work side-by-side with them to make sure the project is within your budget. We don’t want to produce a full set of permit drawings only to find the project is too expensive.

The Construction Drawings will describe the construction of the project completely, without ambiguity. These drawings will be used to acquire a building permit, obtain final contractors pricing and bids, and to construct the project. To ensure a quality of construction and accurate bid, these drawings will be highly developed and detailed.

As we tell our clients, the drawings look the same, they just have much more information and detail on them.

Once the construction has begun we will observe the work for quality control and protection of your interests. In addition, we will represent you in working with your contractor to process paperwork and represent your interests.

We design, build and create structures for living, working and being.

Luxe Architects is an architect-led design-build firm established in the tradition of the Master Builder providing professional services for Residential and Commercial projects. Acting as a single-point of responsibility, our Integrated Project Delivery approach works hand-in-hand with our clients from concept to design to planning to coordination to construction to completion to ensure your vision becomes reality.

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