Luxe Architects is an award winning, responsive, interdisciplinary design and build firm specializing on bringing responsible luxury to today’s work and live place that elevate the way we live. Our team focuses exclusively on designing positive environments with more efficiencies for the betterment of the companies who run them, and the people who work in them, by visualizing smart design solutions that enhance happiness, health and productivity.


The firm’s mission is to deliver smart design solutions that enhance happiness, health and productivity. At Luxe we believe that Architecture Matters and are inspired by the relationship between design and its impact on the human experience and our quality of life. Luxe’s designs result from a life and work balance office culture that emphasizes a collaborative approach, shared knowledge, professional learning opportunities and a “work smarter, not longer mentality.” Luxe Architect's clearest directive is to create buildable architecture. Our partnership knows where to start a building design, how to manage the budget effectively, negotiate with municipalities and planning authorities, and execute a well ordered project through technical drawings and focused on-site discourse. Our application of this fundamental philosophy to every project, without exception, is one of Luxe’s


"We focus on architecture that deliver us outside of the mundane, opens our minds and bodies to uplifting experiences, ritual performance and private contemplation." Architecture is about experience.  More than the framing of space and the articulation of form, architecture helps choreograph life’s experiences, and we consider this a paramount concern when we design our projects.  We see every project - regardless of scale - as an opportunity to explore the ways in which the specific architecture response to your brief will enhance your life experience.  Fundamentally, buildings provide shelter and meet program requirements.  For us, a building will only be considered successful when it provides some unexpected delight, and contributes exceptionally to its place, when it converts opportunity into reality in imaginative ways and far exceeds those fundamental requirements. With an expertise built on years of experience and quality conversations, we are able to clarify needs, reach goals, and discover new opportunities. Our partnerships are built on a common goal of achieving genuinely meaningful, empowering design.